September 05, 2014


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The Ireland Hat by Ireland Shirt

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All of our Hats featuring the Map of the Emerald Isle are 20% Off throughout September!  Whatever price you see, take 20% more off your order and show your Irish in style!  Just use code ~ 20OFF ~ at checkout.  Click a Hat above to get started...

Wear the only Ireland Hat that makes a subtle yet tasteful Irish'll never look better! 

Wear Your Pride!

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Ireland Shirt
Ireland Shirt


Using the silhouette of your home country, Shirts of the World apparel allows you to proudly express your cultural background in a simple and timeless fashion. Offering a premium collection of classic, heritage-inspired, casualwear, our brand has been carefully cultivated with pure commitment to properly reflecting national heritage and values. The Shirts of the World collection includes Ireland, Italy, Great Britain, Greece, Brazil, Mexico, China, and Japan with many other countries to follow; Spain, France, Germany, Canada, Australia, Russia, Sweden for starters!

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